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Youth leaders as positive actors of change

Youth leaders around the globe build bridges between polarized communities. Between Shia and Sunni, Muslims and Christians. Between younger and older generations, men and women, rich and poor.

By doing this, they create pockets of peace and human security in their universities, their cities, their countries. They are going against the grain of conflict dynamics, often at the risk of losing their life or their freedom.

In the past decade, Cordaid supported youth leaders in Iraq, Libya, and other places. Together with them, we promoted the adoption of a UN resolution that affirms the important role of young people in creating peace and security. This milestone was achieved on December 9, 2015.

UN Security Council Resolution 2250 calls for stronger involvement of young people in resolving conflicts. It recognizes young women and men as peacebuilders and peacekeepers. It urges governments to actively involve them in all stages of national and international peace processes and to invest in their education, skills, and talents.

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Resolution 2250, we share the stories of 9 inspiring young people. They come from Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. They create hope and positive change in a world that most of us only associate with hopelessness and despair. To read their stories, you can click on their pictures.

FRYAD FOUAD HAMA (27) –  Kirkuk, Iraq


SARAA SATTAR (33) – Kirkuk, Iraq

KANIWAR MOUSA (24) – Erbil, Iraq

HIBA MUHAMMAD (28) – Erbil, Iraq

SARAA SALIM (29) – Mosul, Iraq

HUSSEIN ALI (28) – Mosul, Iraq

ASMA KHALIFA (30) – Tripoli, Libya

SARAH MIZRAN (24) – Tripoli, Libya

SOFIA RAMYAR (27) –  Kabul, Afghanistan