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Cordaid NL


People are at the heart of everything Cordaid does: from fundraising and communication to the implementation of our programs in fragile and conflict-affected regions in the world. 



Kees Zevenbergen, Drs.

L.C. (Kees) Zevenbergen is the CEO of Cordaid since September 2016. Kees Zevenbergen has many years of experience in strategic development policies and change management in the field of international cooperation. As an independent professional, he supported many Dutch and international development NGOs in their quest for continued relevance and effectiveness in a rapidly changing world.

Other functions of Kees Zevenbergen:

  • Member of the Executive Board of Achmea Foundation
  • Member of the Advisory Board of MDF (Management for Development Foundation)
  • Member of the Executive Board of VKMO (Vereniging Katholiek Maatschappelijke Organisaties)
  • Member of the Board of Nationaal Rampenfonds
  • Member of the Board of Goede Doelen Nederland
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Relief Alliance
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Christelijk Sociaal Congres
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of The Global Network of Civil Society Organizations
  • Co-chair of the Supervisory Board of The Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction

Kees Zevenbergen: “At Cordaid and partners, I see great dedication in dealing with the major challenges the world is currently confronted with. It is my dedication to mobilize Cordaid’s entire potential to reduce poverty and inequality where it is most needed.


Tjerk Wagenaar, Drs. MBA

Tjerk Wagenaar has started December 1st as Cordaid’s new Chief Financial Officer. Tjerk will work ad interim until July 2020. Professionally Tjerk has always contributed to societal goals. As a consultant at McKinsey, as manager and CFO at NS Reizigers and at SNV, BU director at Eneco and the last years as CEO of Natuur en Milieu (Dutch environmental NGO).

Tjerk Wagenaar: “Sustainability is flowing in my veins and I like to work together with others, who are also inspired to make a difference in people’s lives. I very much look forward to further strengthening our organization in delivering solid humanitarian and development results and in becoming a financially healthy outfit.”


Supervisory Board

A.J.M. Heerts, voorzitter
Current function: Chairman of the Netherlands Association of VET colleges (MBO Raad)
Expertise: Labour law, international relations, security, reorganizations
Other functions: chairman Supervisory Board Cordaid, chairman Stichting Scoren in de Wijk, chairman Maatschappelijke Adviesraad Socires, chairman ‘werkgroep ter verbetering van de zorg, hulp en ondersteuning voor zeer ernstig verstandig en meervoudig beperkte kinderen en hun gezinnen’, member of Raad van Bestuur V-fonds, member of Raad van Commissarissen Siers, member of Raad van Advies UWV WERKbedrijf, member of the Comité van Aanbeveling Stichting Inca Educa


Drs. M.C.T. van de Coevering
Current function: CFO at Schuberg Philis
Expertise: Accounting & Control
Other functions: vice-chairman and member of the Supervisory Board Cordaid, member of Supervisory Board Stichting LeerKRACHT



Drs J. van Bussel
Current function: CEO of CRZDelta Psychiatric Centrer (Antes)
Expertise: Accounting & Control
Other functions: member and secretary of the Supervisory Board Cordaid, member of the Supervisory Board Dianet, member of the Supervisory Board Vlietkinderen


M. van Beek MA, MSc
Current function: Director HR and member of the Management Board of ING Netherlands
Expertise: Medical Industry, FMCGs, Foodservice, Human Resources, Corporate Communications
Other functions: member of the Supervisory Board Cordaid, HR Director en Board Member ING The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg, Supervisory Board NPO, Dutch Public Television, Digital Advisory Board BASF, Advisory Board NVP


Fr. Sjaak de Boer, Mill Hill. PhD.
Current function: Chairman Brasili-Ja Auxilia, Priest, Coordinator English speaking Parishes of European Capitals
Expertise: homeless and undocumented people
Other functions: member of the Supervisory Board Cordaid, chairman Stichting Auxilia-Brasili-Ja, chairman Board RC Church of Our Saviour, Den Haag, coordinator of English speaking parishes of the European capitals.


B. van Dijk – van de Reijt
Current function: CEO of DOB Equity, a Dutch impact investor, focused on East Africa
Expertise: financial services, infra, energy, FMCG, health and education, and global growth markets
Other functions: member of the Supervisory Board Cordaid, member of Investment Committee Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost NL (Gelderland en Overijssel), member of Supervisory Board – Dutch School in Tanzania “de Plevier”, member of Sustainability Committee African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association


Drs. M.W.J.A. Landheer-Regouw
Current function: Director Risk at FMO, the Dutch Development Bank
Expertise: risk management, investments, emerging markets, stakeholder management
Other functions: member of the Supervisory Board Cordaid, chair hockeyvereniging Craeyenhout, member algemeen bestuur HBS- Craeyenhout



Audit committee of the Board of Supervisors

dhr. M.C.T. van de Coevering en Drs J. van Bussel.